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Chillidog is a full mobile accessories category solution specifically tailored for P&C, impulse & convenience retailers. The brand has a strong identity and in-store presence with well thought out packaging to guide the consumer at the point of sale. Chillidog is specifically designed to maximise category value for our retail partners by not only offering great value price points, but by also offering a variety of product options and consumer trade ups.



Why Chillidog?
•       Market leading product specifications offer the best consumer experience available – the best in market!
•       Relevant for now and the future
•       A full category solution with a strong brand identity and in-store presence
•       Trade up options to optimise category value and provide real choice for the consumer











No more slow trickle charges!

FAST charging explained
•       The smartphones & tablets of today will draw 2 amps or more to charge the device FASTER
•       Many competitor charging offers only deliver 1 amp output or – if there are two USB ports – only one of these is a 2 amp fast charging port
•       Chillidog’s 2.4 amp output per USB port ensures a superior fast charge experience whichever socket you use