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Every product in the smorgasbord range features a 5 port USB charging unit, with 7.8A total power output and Intelligent Power Allocation technology so your devices get exactly the right level they need to fast charge.


The stativ USB charging station is super compact at only 20cm x 10cm and it can hold up to 4 mobile devices with a spare USB port to charge 5 items in total – all at once.

Simple to assemble & install, your stativ USB charging unit features a bamboo base with 10 interchangeable acrylic posts & your smorgasbord 5 port USB charging unit.

Crafted from high quality, bamboo & clear acrylic your smorgasbord USB charging station has been lovingly designed in Australia and manufactured in China.


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Your sovende interlocking bamboo stands with hang space for a watch & fitness tracker, a shelf for your smartphone and even a space to keep your wallet & sunnies if you want.

A 5 port USB charging unit with 7.8A total output designed & built to Australian Standards to fast charge all your devices



The kuggstang USB charging station is only 22cm x 16cm – about the size of a paperback book (remember those?) and it can hold & charge up to 5 portable devices at once.

Each port features intelligent power allocation so your demanding mobile devices get just the right power level they need to charge.


Simple to assemble & install, your hjemhub unit includes a bamboo box and lid with 4 interchangeable stands, 6 reusable snyggt cable tidy ties & your smorgasbord 5 port USB charging unit.