Crest 3

The Crest Company has been delighting it's customers for nearly 40 years
with ranges of technology & homeware accessories to support the
ever-changing consumer landscape

Liquid Earsrev

The new Liquid Ears Active range delivers superb sound blended
with superior comfort & they're sweat-proof so go on
- get out there & get active!


What will you create for dinner tonight?


The new range of baking & cookware products will give
any modern cook something exciting to work with

Welcome to The Crest Company


With over 36 years’ experience, The Crest Company – formerly known as Crest Electronics – develops, markets and distributes more than 1000 Entertainment & Technology Accessories, Homewares products & Retailer Partnership Brand products including its own Crest brand range to maximise consumers’ experiences at home, in the car or on the go.


The Crest Company is recognised as a market leader, servicing more than 4000 retail stores across the country, covering all retail channels including traditional electrical, mass merchandisers, discounters and commercial outlets.

Latest Products

Wrapt Up Cable Management

Keep your cables under control & looking neat
with I.D tags, clamps, cable ties & desk grippers.


Everything you need to keep your screen
shining and clean. From handbag size
antibacterial sprays & wipes, to Microfibre
cloths to protect your TV & Tablet screens
from dust.

Limited Edition Tattoo Series

The Tattoo Series pays homage to some of the legendary icons
used in tattoos across the last century and delivers a unique
and playful design for your headphones. Available as in ear
and overhead styles

– it’s your way to get some ink without getting inked!

The new Varello range of baking & cookware products will give any
modern cook something exciting to work with - Coming soon

Taking your tunes out on your run couldn't be easier with the new Active range
from Liquid Ears. Superior sound combined with a sweatproof design makes
these ear hook earphones the ideal companion when you're exercising.

Limited Edition Graffiti Series

Lifting art inspiration from the streets, full of vibrant colour
and a little bit of attitude, the Graffiti series brings a unique
feel to headphones. Choose from in ears, smartphone earphones
or two sizes of overhead styles

- Bring a splash of street-art to your life.

Bluetooth® Wireless Speakers

Exceptional sound, unique designs and vibrant colours

- everything you'd want in a wireless speaker & speakerphone.


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